YEAR 2022:
Leopards- as an endangered species of animals on the Earth Planet, have been placed to a huge spaceship and sent to a planet that is much more favorable for their survival and development. So, 97 leopards were on their way to a new life and history.
YEAR 2023:
Finally the perfect Planet called Janga was found for our leos to start a new life. It’s been already 142 of them with the time of traveling. Dissapointed but excited leopards landed and a-start to discover new territories.
YEAR 2051:
9999 leos have been mutated and became a new type of creatures. Now they got an athletic humans body mixed with appearance of leopard. They dont called as animals anymore, now each of them is a king with own crown and land.They found a way to get endless lives and super abilities. So now, lifestyle of the planet is survival game, where every character of the Planet Janga is dreaming to become a King of the Kings…