For projects

In order to best protect the Leo Kings eco system, we need to make sure that all projects that want to become part of the ecosystem must meet our verification standards. This means that each project must reach 100 verification points and pass a video interview with one of the members of the Leo Kings team. This interview will be our chance to finish the last security measures, we will also use this interview as a way to close all questions regarding the staking pool and select the best staking strategy for each project.
The best thing about Leo Kings Staking is that we can find the best parameters for staking both coins and NFTs, our software has wide variations in searching and sending them to holders so staking becomes flexible and multifaceted.
This is why we prefer an open dialogue with all projects on XRPL who want to be involved in the Leo Kings ecosystem. Since we offer flexible options for a wide variety of XRPL projects, we want our software to gain new value and utility. By providing them with new staking options for both tokens and NFTs.