$JANGA Tokenomics

๐Ÿ”ฃ Token currency symbol JANGA ๐Ÿ”— Issuing address: r97C2XF4S5yzL2FzvXjdsyfYnswS4ee8TR ๐Ÿช™ Total supply: 100,000,000 $JANGA

5% Team (We took ourselves one of the smallest parts. It will be locked and kept on issuer wallet for the first month. After one month passing we will send first half to team members and another after second month)

5% Open sale (The purpose of the sale is to earn first 5000 XRP to continue development and scaling the project. They will be used for NFT minting, marketing, and operational costs at the initial stages)

5% Free AD (AirDrop will be divided into 2 parts. 7.5% per each AD. Airdrop will be given out via personal verification to the most active Discord users. The Whitelist with users who are eligible for AD will be collected by our team. All information on how to enter the airdrop whitelist and the date of the event will be in our Discord).

10% of the coins will go to the NFT holder day reward pool, 1000 Jang per NFT. And also from each sale of NFT, 10% of the profit will be allocated for the purchase of Jang on the market - these coins will be sent to each next "mini pool". Thus, with each collection sold, the rewards for the next one will increase until all NFTs are sold.

20% Game DEV (Can be sold at market value or added to the market in order to attract investment: for Game development, hiring staff, paying for servers and hosting). The team is committed to informing the community about the attraction of investments and their further use.

25% Staking. (Staking for holders)

  • ะ - Total Pool for Staking 25.000.000 $JANGA

  • ะ’ - Holders x - Amount of Tokens converted in percentage of total pool for Staking

  • ะก - Daily APY (a / b)=x (x/a)*100 = C

30% Marketing (Marketing is one of the most important parts of a project to build a quality and quantitative community in the crypto-world. It needs to be known by people from different sources. Our coins will be used to pay for advertisements in any currency by converting it. Also part of our coins will be used for Giveaways, collaborations, discord incentives etc.)

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