About XPad

General information
Due to the lack of smart contracts on XRPL, we have developed software that works on the same principle as regular staking, only more secure. The software scans wallets daily and sends out transactions depending on the balance of coins on the user's wallet, accruals are calculated as a percentage (%). In this way, all users are in maximum security and are not exposed to the risks that exist on other blockchains.
Coin earning profit is calculated through a formula that is based on the number of Stakers and the size of the coin pool, the formula was designed in such a way as to keep the coin pool longer and thus extend the staking period. The percentage of accrual can also be fixed, but not less than 60% per annum.
How to stake?
In order to stake a certain currency from the stake list, set up a trust for it and keep a couple of coins in your wallet. Interest is calculated once a day.